Do you know who can repair your refrigeration equipment?

If you run a commercial kitchen, you probably have had one of those days when nothing seems to go right. Sometimes, it can be staffing issues that cause problems throughout the day, but often it is an equipment failure that presents your team with difficulties. A kitchen relies on equipment to function. It is easy to understand that you must have a working oven and hobs to prepare food, but a functioning refrigerator is just as vital. When you first notice a problem with your commercial refrigerator, it is best to check that the power cord is switched on and properly inserted. It's always possible that it was knocked out of place by a cleaner or someone working in the area. If power is reaching the fridge, you might have problems with a lack of air around the fridge or perhaps with the seal on the door of the fridge.

Arranging for a commercial fridge repair

If a refrigerator fails, your primary concern will be to arrange for a repair as quickly as possible, ideally, before the temperature of the contents moves outside an acceptable range. When you need a commercial fridge repair completed quickly, you don't want to start calling random companies hoping that they can help you. The best solution is to have an existing relationship with a commercial fridge repair company, who you know that you can trust. Look for a repair company now, before you need them. Finding a repair company in advance will give you time to ask relevant questions and to assess the reliability of the company.

The benefits of prior knowledge

By researching a commercial fridge repair company in advance, you can examine the reputation of the company. You can find out how well their staff are trained and what experience they have in the repair of equipment similar to yours.

Making contact with the commercial fridge repair company in advance has advantages beyond allowing you to know the company. Establishing a relationship with the repair company lets them get to know your business. They can start to build knowledge about the type of refrigeration equipment you have and its age and condition. This information can be invaluable to providing a fast repair service. It means that the repair team will be able to arrive at your site already in possession of the spare parts they are most likely to need. They might suspect that your evaporator fan reached the end of its life. Alternatively, they might suggest solutions, such as adjusting the defrost cycle, that solve the problem without a site visit.

Why not arrange a contract?

One of the best ways of building a relationship with a commercial fridge repair company is setting up a regular maintenance contract. The company could identify a drain line starting to clog or a door seal showing signs of wear. They could then effect a repair before the problem becomes severe enough to stop the equipment from working.

To get started, reach out to a commercial fridge repair service in your area.