4 Important Things to Discuss With Your Custom Home Builder

Custom homes feature designs, finishes and fixtures you wouldn't usually find in a spec house. When building your custom home, you can use custom plans to suit your lifestyle and individual needs. Custom home builders actualise this dream by implementing custom designs for future homeowners. However, like any other construction process, building a custom home is an engaging process. Thus, before you sign the contract with your builder, here are a few issues to discuss.

Plans and home design

There are two ways of designing a custom home. First, you can use standard plans and modify them to your preference. Second, you can draw up new plans featuring your preferred customisations. How do you want to approach your project? Do you have any standard plans you'd like to modify? Would you like your builder to come with their plans? Customising standard plans can be more affordable and less time-consuming. Thus, talk to your builder about using existing plans and how much they will charge to customise them.

Extent of customisations

Some custom builders only build semi-custom homes, while others design fully-custom buildings. Before settling for one, it's essential to know the extent of customisations they allow. Some allow you to make cosmetic changes to existing standard plans. Others let you change the floor plan and alter the architecture. Some custom builders can work with you to design a fully-custom home with new floor plans, architecture and cosmetics. Depending on the home you want, this fact can determine whether a particular builder is suitable for your project.

Price inclusions

Builders offer a price quotation for the custom construction. Before committing to the project, find out what's included in the base price. Once you hand over your project to the builder, they handle everything from securing permits to installing finishes. However, some services may not be included in the base price. Sometimes, the price may comprise standard finishes instead of premium or luxury ones. Thus, find out whether the base price includes:

  • HVAC and plumbing
  • Electrical work
  • Septic installation
  • Drainage system
  • Flooring
  • Cabinetry, tile and countertops

Ask about the quality of finishes for the fixtures and how much it would cost if you'd like high-end fixtures such as flooring, cabinets, door hardware, toilets and much more. The more detailed the base price is, the better you will plan for the construction.

Construction guarantee

When vetting your builder, you make sure they have a track record of delivering quality constructions. However, mistakes happen, and you need a guarantee that you won't incur losses due to the builder's negligence. Thus, discuss your builder's insurance and whether it's adequate to cover your home. Should defects occur shortly after construction, you should receive compensation.

Discuss these issues with your custom home builder to ensure you have clear expectations for the project. Contact a builder for more information.