Top kitchen remodels that will boost your home’s value

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms when looking at your home's value. Here's where you need to be careful about going for trendy options, because things can change in a flash. What you're looking for are remodels that would boost your home's value and remain valid years to come. So if you are thinking of giving your kitchen a makeover, then here are some of the best renovations you can have. They'll make reselling your home a breeze when you choose to.

The countertop matters

If your countertop is getting pretty old, then it's about time you make the upgrade. Graphite countertops are a favourite of many. However, they need a lot of maintenance to remain pristine. You'll have to seal it annually to prevent any staining.

You could decide to have a quartz countertop instead. Quartz is a material that is quickly gaining popularity and would give you a much easier time maintaining it. It is resistant to staining, cracking and doesn't need too much maintenance.

Go for white or neutral colours

Guess what? Going for soft and neutral colours outweighs bold colours by a long shot. Neutral colours give the kitchen a pleasantly cool feel every homeowner seeks. You could even go for white cabinets and backsplashes, which make easier to blend or transition the kitchen into other styles. White materials are also easier to clean compared to stainless steel. Remodel the kitchen with materials that have a natural white or neutral colour, or paint the kitchen.

The best part about going for popular colours is that the kitchen will advertise itself when you're reselling your house. It'll be much easier to convince your buyer when they already love it.

Plan your space

How you use up your space can have an effect on how large it looks. Planning your space well will also make it easier to move around in a flawless motion.

You could start by having your walkways wide enough particularly in the cooking zone. That way you can keep cooking when your children are going to and from the kitchen.

Have a kitchen designer develop 3D drawings for you. This is particularly important if you are doing complex kitchen renovations such as moving doors or expanding the kitchen walls. A good drawing will help you visualise the kitchen, and you can have a feel of the space that will be available.