What Is Needed to Make Computer Generated Images of an Unfinished House

Would you like to get renters or buyers for your commercial property before it is completed? Read on and discover what you need to have so that computer-generated images (CGIs) are made for that unfinished property by the advertising firm or building consultancy firm that you have hired.

Architectural Plans of the House 

CGIs provide a lifelike representation of a property so that potential renters or buyers can have an idea of what it will look like once it is completed. This calls for the use of data from the architectural drawings of the property so that everything in the image is based on the actual dimensions of the property. The plans should be in 3D or any other digital format, if possible.

Landscape Plan

The landscaping of a property can increase or lower its curb appeal. However, landscaping is usually done once construction work on the building has been completed. Does this mean that you should give up on this selling point of the building? No, you can still benefit from the landscape. Ask your chosen landscaper to give you his or her plan for the property. That plan will be used to generate images that will show what the landscape of the property will look like.

Photos of the Surroundings

Renters or buyers usually want to view a property in the context of its surroundings so that they decide whether it suits their tastes. It is therefore very important for you to provide photographs of any particular views, such as a view of the ocean, so that the CGIs can reflect how spectacular the views from the property will be once occupants take up their rented space.

Interior Décor Information

Potential buyers and renters may also be interested in getting a feel of what the interior of the building will be. This can be provided using images depicting the finishes and furniture that you intend to use for the building. Provide the imaging firm with pictures of the furniture that you have ordered. You should also provide information on the colours of the paint that will be used for the interior walls of the unfinished building.

Avoid losing time valuable time. Start looking for potential buyers or renters as construction work is still going on. In case you lack some of the information needed to make the CGIs, contact a building consultant for advice. He or she will design ways to gather the information and generate the images needed to pre-sell or rent the commercial building long before its completion date.