Options You Can Consider For Commercial Generators

Power outages can deal a huge blow to businesses, both big and small. A few hours without power could mean not being in contact with customers, ceasing office operations and a host of other complications. The longer your business is out of power, the higher the loss of revenue. As such, it is always ideal to cinder investing in a generator for your business. Not only do commercial generators come in handy in keeping your doors open for business even with a national power blackout, but they can also help your business be in good standing if it is supplying enough power for the local community to tap into. Here are some of the options that you can consider when contemplating a commercial generator for your business.

Portable commercial generators

As the name suggests, these types of generators can be relocated from one area to another depending on your power needs. As such, they tend to be smaller than conventional standby generators. With these types of generators, you are tasked with directly connecting the electrical equipment to the generator. Portable generators can provide power for several appliances at a time, thus, you would have to make a decision on what office equipment would need the emergency power the most.

However, it should be noted that portable generators are not built to run for extended periods of time as they have a short cycle. If the blackout lasts long, you would have to make regular refueling arrangements to ensure that it still can provide power for your business. These types of generators are best suited for smaller offices.

Standby commercial generators

Standby commercial generators provide comprise a unit that is permanently installed on the office premises. They are designed to kick in automatically in the event that there is an interruption to your power supply. To do this, the commercial electrical contractors will incorporate its wiring directly to your office's electrical system. In the event that there is power loss, the transfer switch of the generator will automatically redirect power to your most prudent needs.

For instance, you could opt to have the electrical contractors connect the automatic generator to supply all the computers systems in your business, but not service lighting. On the other hand, you could opt to have the commercial generator meet all your electrical needs, but this will mean that more power is being used. Standby generators can be operated on various different forms of fuel, giving you the chance to select a unit based on what fuel is readily available to you.