Preparing Your Home for a Surveyor’s Visit

Selling your home may be caused by a plethora of reasons. You may have received a transfer and would like to move to an area closer to work, or you simply want to move to a better and bigger place. One for the most important things that a buyer normally asks for is the survey. It gives an overall view of the condition of the home. However, before getting one, you need to prove to the property surveyor that your house is in perfect condition. That way, you'll get the best amount for it. And guess what? There are a few things you could do to influence the surveyor's decision before they walk into your home.

Get Rid of Problem Areas 

If you've got problem areas in the home, then you should be focusing on clearing them away. Problem areas may include blocked spaces or items lying around. Instead of trying to hide these problems, expose them to the surveyor so that they can find a solution. Your aim here should be decluttering the home. Get rid of items you don't really need that fill up your space.

You're going to have to show the surveyor all the areas of the home. Preventing them from viewing one will go right to their report. This may give the buyer doubts and reduce the purchase price from them.

Have the Documents Ready

Surveyors love seeing all kinds of certificates about the home. In a nutshell, the more the certificates, the better. Electrical test certificates, building regulation certificates and gas safety certificates are some of the many certificates to have before the building survey. They increase the surveyor's confidence about your home.

Additionally, you could also have a planning permission notice and a couple of guarantees, say for replacement of central heating or windows.

No Sign of Dampness

You also need to ensure that you've cleaned your property comprehensively. Focus on the kitchen and bathrooms because that's where the moisture content is high. Leaving mould hanging around plants the idea that your home is very damp. So scrub off any mould available, and ensure you fix the taps that are dripping.

Get Rid of Cracks

Nothing puts off surveyors like hairline cracks on you walls. If you know you've got some of those, then ensure you clear them away before their arrival. Check the ceilings and walls because if you don't find them, the surveyor will. They normally do a thorough job. Fill these cracks up before the survey.