How Your Commercial Builder Can Help Mitigate Potential Fire and Theft Incidences

Whether you want to build commercial premises to operate your own business or to rent out commercial space, you will need a good builder. A good builder is one that will construct your premises with potential hazards top-of-mind.

Here is a look at two of the biggest threats to any commercial building and how your builder can help mitigate them. 


Fire is one of the biggest causes of damage to many commercial premises. Whether it is accidental or deliberate, fire-induced damage can turn years of hard work and effort into ashes in a very short length of time. And, the premium you are expected to pay your insurer for covering against the risk of fire heavily depends on factors that can be controlled by your builder. For example, your insurance company will want to know what percentage of your entire premises is built using fire-retardant materials with good fire rating.

In order to help fireproof your commercial building, your builder can select what fire-resistive materials to use and even suggest where you can get the best deals on the materials, if need be. They can also be able to identify potential causes of fire accidents around your premises. For instance, your building ought not to be erected close to external fire hazards like an oil storage tank, as oil is a flammable fluid that can easily cause explosions. 


Apart from fire, theft is another hazard you will want to be properly controlled within your commercial premises. You (or your tenants) will not fancy the idea of losing your hard-earned money to criminals who want to enjoy an easy reap of what they never sowed. There are a lot of things your builder can do to deter intruders from your property, but it primarily starts with choice of construction material.

By choosing strong and durable construction materials such as concrete, steel or a combination of both, you can be sure that your builder will be able to erect walls and floors that are difficult to breach. For maximum security, your builder may go for windows and doors made of steel to thwart any attempts to gain unlawful access to your premises.

As the above-elucidated points reveal, your builder can help fireproof your commercial premises and keep criminals at bay. But you should always remember to constantly look for other ways to minimise the risk of fire and theft within the premises post-construction phase.