What are some natural ways to clean windows?

When it comes to cleaning your windows, they should be done regularly in order to have no dust, fingerprints, or buildup on the windows. However, you don't need to use harsh chemicals just to get your windows clean and sparkling. The following tips provide you with ways to clean them with only natural products.

Start With Vinegar and Water

A good way to start cleaning your windows when you only want to use natural products is to use vinegar and water. These ingredients are the basis for many types of natural cleaning remedies. Vinegar can also be used on its own, but since it has a strong smell, you might want to dilute it with some water. All you need to do is pour a small amount of vinegar into a spray bottle with water, then use that to clean the windows. Spray the cleaner and work from top to bottom, using your choice of cleaning materials. Some people prefer using a squeegee or newspaper, while others like to use a paper towel for the windows.

Remove Buildup With Cornstarch

Believe it or not, the cornstarch you have in your kitchen can also be very useful when cleaning your windows. It can either be used after the vinegar solution or in place of it. Cornstarch can be added to a bottle with just water or with water and vinegar. It is great at removing fingerprints and buildup of dirt or dust on your windows. After applying the cornstarch solution to the windows, rinse them clear and let them dry as you normally would.

Choose the Right Time of Day

Part of effectively cleaning your windows, regardless of the cleaning products you use, is to choose the right time of day. It is important that you not clean the windows on an especially hot day or when the sun is at its highest. During this time, the sun might evaporate the cleaning product before you get a chance to wipe down the windows. This is going to leave water spots and streaks. Wait until a cloudy day or a time of day when the sun is not up.

Clean the Tracks and Sills

Make sure, when cleaning the windows, you don't just clean the glass. It will only get dirty again if your window hardware, tracks, or window sills are dusty. It is a good idea to clean the hardware and tracks of the window first, as this loosens the dirt that is inside. Use an old toothbrush to get it loose, then a vacuum attachment to pick up the debris. You can then clean the window.

If you have too many windows or windows that are out of reach, contact commercial cleaners who have the equipment to handle the job.