3 Ways That a Granny Flat Can Support Your Adult Children

Granny flat are no longer just for elderly grandparents to move into. They are also a sensible way for multi-generational families to live on one block while maintaining some independence. Here are some of the situations where a granny flat can be a great asset to your family. 

Grandparents as childcare

If one of your adult children has kids and you are called in to be a regular babysitter then it can work out very well having the parents and children living in the granny flat. That way the child doesn't have to adjust to a new location for childcare and the parents have one less thing to worry about in the rush to get out the door for work in the morning! Grandparents also know that the child has all of their possessions in the house so if they run short of bottles or forget the teddy they can simply head down to the granny flat to get the necessary items. 

Place for visiting adult children to stay

If you want to have room for your children to visit when they come home from university or visit from interstate, a granny flat can be a great option. It gives them the independence to stay close by without additional costs, which mean they may visit more often or stay for longer. You can rent the granny flat out for the rest of the year, on short-term rentals, which can provide some additional income. 

Retreat for young adults

If you, like many parents of young adults, seem to have an adult child that regularly moves in and out of the home, a granny flat can be a great option. It can remove many of the stresses around sharing a house such as arguments over cleaning or taking too much time in the kitchen or bathroom. At the same time, you are close enough to your children that you can easily spend quality time with them and get the best of the experience of having adult children. Of course, you may find that your children become so comfortable that they never move out!

Granny flats don't just have to be for grandparents. They can also be a great way for parents of adult children to have some space to continue to see their children regularly and get to share in their life. It can be a wonderful way to live together with less stress than sharing the main house.