How to tell if your plumbing pipes are worn out

It's always important to check out your plumbing pipes more closely so that you don't miss the tell-tale signs of problems that may result in considerable costly damage. Luckily, plumbing pipes often display warning signs before their complete breakdown. In this regard, here are three clues that homeowners should look out for in regards to their plumbing pipes that point towards the need for urgent plumbing repairs or replacement.


A small leak should be ignored because it could point towards something terribly wrong with your pipes. One apparent sign of a leak is the build-up of mold or mildew in your house, either on your bathroom or kitchen wall. Mold grows in damp environments, and apparently, a leaking pipes offers the ideal setting for mold to grow especially if the leak is concealed behind a wall or underneath a floor. The musty odor of mold and mildew is distinctive. Even after you've thoroughly scrubbed and cleaned your home but still notice the smell, there's perhaps a leak.

Discoloured water

If you see discoloured water flowing from your sink taps, contact an emergency plumber immediately. Chances are that there's rust in the pipes. Not only does rust cause the taste of water to be nasty, it also causes water hardening which makes it rather difficult to wash or rinse clothes and dishes.


If you notice stains below your sink, or if you notice staining on your walls, perhaps there's a major problem brewing. For instance, check out a room's ceiling that is directly below a second floor bathroom. Any sign of discoloration could mean there's some type of leak present. In case the ceilings look alright, closely check nearby walls. Any discoloration could mean that the leak is deep inside the pipe.

Additionally, inspect your bathroom walls for any signs of warping or stains. This may mean that the drywall is water-logged and has started to bubble. Upon this occurrence, the wall will begin to warp and ultimately break apart. An emergency plumber should be contacted as soon as possible to come and repair the leak.

These are just some of the simple ways homeowners can tell that their plumbing pipes have worn out and need repairs or replacement. If you're very busy and lack the time to inspect your home plumbing and want to be free of any developing plumbing problems, contact a qualified emergency plumber and book an inspection.