Shop Fitting Design Ideas to Breathe New Life Into Your Retail Store

A retail store often needs some updating for its overall appearance in order to attract new customers and to keep regular customers happy; even your regular customers can soon find your décor and design dull and drab and, in turn, get bored with your shop. The shop fitting pieces you choose can help to make your shop seem fresh and new and draw in new crowds, so note a few design ideas you might discuss with a shop fitter when you're ready for some renovation or redesign work.

1. Go homey

A shop that looks like home can show buyers how your items will look in their own home and how they can be used. As an example of how you might do this, use air mattresses to make up a bed with linens you sell and invest in small end tables for decoration; this creates a faux bedroom that will entice buyers to purchase all those nice linens as well as toss pillows, quilts, and the like.

You can create a faux closet space with shoe storage that displays your clothing pieces and shoes together, and customers may love the look of a stylish closet that they want for their home. A tool shed with all the tools you sell can make buyers want the same type of practical setup at home, and they are more inclined to buy tools and accessories.

2. Go country

Some shops are very modern and industrial, and you can create a unique look by going in the opposite route. Going country may mean a very rural look, with hay bales for display pieces and wood painted in barn red for racks and shelving. You might also opt for a rustic look without being too country; this can mean weathered wood for shelves, a faux brick fireplace on one wall, and wood chairs for a waiting area versus modern, metal chairs. Have exposed beams attached to the ceiling for a more rustic look for your shop, and use eclectic country items for display such as wheelbarrows or a child's old-fashioned, wood sled.

3. Recycle

Proudly display recycled pieces and reclaimed pieces as your displays; this can mean industrial spools, used for storing lengths of wiring, for shelving. Consider items salvaged from a home for display, including bathtubs and an eclectic collection of mismatched coffee tables and chairs. Old timber crates can be attached to walls for shelves and displays, and you can even use old pallets to get heavier items off the floor. Many shop fitters will collect these recycled pieces for use in their designs and this can give your store an eco-friendly look and very unique style.

For more information on refreshing your space, contact a company like William Waters Shop Fitters.