What are some ways to have low-maintenance landscaping?

If you want a beautiful yard and garden, but don't have the time or know-how to take care of the plants, you may be looking for low-maintenance landscaping. This encompasses lawn, plants, and flowers that don't require a lot of care to remain healthy and vibrant.

Plant Low-Maintenance Perennials

If you want to add some colour to your backyard, you might be thinking about different flowers and plants that won't require a lot of maintenance. There are quite a few that don't require a lot of care aside from occasional watering and checking foliage for pests and other problems. For example, you can plant the sedum plant, which is good for the majority of climate zones. You will have colour from spring to fall each year, not to mention help attract fun insects like butterflies. There is also the agastache, which is drought-tolerant so it doesn't need a lot of watering. It will attract butterflies in addition to hummingbirds. You have your choice of many different colours as well. The pasque flower is another flowering plant you can have in your yard and not have to pay much attention to. It doesn't need much watering, is easy to grow, and provides beautiful ornamental greenery in your yard.

Lay Down a No-Mow Lawn

You might end up spending a lot of time taking care of your lawn, and are sick of dealing with the time and effort required to get rid of dry patches. Luckily, there are plenty of lawns that don't require much watering or mowing, and tend to stay healthy year-round. One option is to use synthetic grass, which looks just like regular grass but doesn't need to be mowed or watered at all. This is because it always stays the same length without growing. Once it is installed properly, it looks and feels just like grass, and is safe for the pets and kids to use. You can also choose ornamental grass, which is great if you want real greenery, but something that requires very little care. Ornamental grass helps fill empty patches around your yard and doesn't need excessive watering.

Use Xeriscaping

Xeriscaping may not sound like a familiar term, but it is one that many landscapers are starting to use. If you want to have a beautiful lawn, but don't have the time to figure out the proper watering schedule, you can use xeriscaping. This allows you to group plants and grasses together with a similar watering schedule. That way, you are watering multiple plants at the same time, then going a longer length of time in between requiring watering. It is good for drainage as well as reducing the overall effort needed for maintaining your lawn.

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