Kitchen Flat Pack: Three Finishing Options for Your Cabinets

When renovating your kitchen space, you should consider using flat pack elements. This method of home improvement is more favourable because the various kitchen features are delivered as pre-manufactured products. You will reduce the renovation time since your only task in the process will be assembly of the components. When ordering the flat pack, it is critical to choose the right cabinetry finish. This feature will be the most prominent in the room, so the finish will affect the visual appeal of your new kitchen significantly. Here is a short description of the primary types of cabinet finishes that you can select when ordering the flat pack.

High Gloss

The high gloss finish is an ideal choice for contemporary kitchens since traditional alternatives require more subdued tones. As implied, this type of external surface is highly reflective and shiny in general. The gloss can be achieved in different ways depending on the type of material used to build the cabinetry. For example, wood can be painted with glossy paint while medium density fibreboard can be treated with a plastic laminate layer to achieve the gloss. The reflective nature of shiny finish on cabinets will make the kitchen seem more spacious. Moreover, these types of surfaces are easy to clean. On the other hand, glossy surfaces make flaws such as scratches and fingerprints more visible.

Matte Finish

Matte finishes are subdued because they do not reflect any light, especially when compared to the high gloss alternative. This type of external appearance can blend in with both traditional and modern kitchen spaces. You can ask for matte finishes for different materials including painted or varnished wood, laminate cabinets and medium density fibreboard. The primary advantage of choosing a matte finish is that the surface will conceal most imperfections like spots and scratches. In addition, the lack of reflectivity makes the room appear more uniform. Unfortunately, the matte texture of the door will make the surfaces harder to clean effectively.

Semi-Gloss Finish

If you do not like the reflectivity of high gloss finishes or the dullness of matte, consider choosing the semi-gloss finish for your flat pack cabinetry. This type of exterior layer has the advantages of both the glossy and matte finishes. Basically, the semi-gloss is only mildly reflective, so it will not display the surface flaws like the high gloss. This is also easy to clean since the texture is not rough like the matte alternative. In addition, a semi-gloss finish can blend in with almost any kitchen style.