Four benefits of using timber products in your child’s bedroom

A child's bedroom is a sanctuary for sleep and play, so choosing the best furniture, fittings and flooring is of the utmost importance for a parent. If you're planning to purchase new furniture or renovate your child's bedroom, check out these four fantastic reasons to choose timber products.

Promote health and wellbeing

Every parent wants to provide their child with a healthy place to learn and play. To promote health and wellbeing in your own home, timber products are the ideal choice for your child's bedroom. Timber will naturally regulate the humidity in your child's room to improve air quality, and has been found to reduce blood pressure and stress levels. Your child may also feel greater psychological wellbeing in the presence of timber products, leading to improved relaxation and positive social interactions.

Combat climate change

The future of our planet truly depends on the development of our forest resources. To mitigate the effects of climate change, loss of biodiversity and water shortages, sustainable forest management is crucial. By purchasing timber products from sustainable forests for your child's bedroom, you will actively contribute to protecting the environment- an important lesson to pass on to the next generation. To ensure that you are doing your best to minimise the carbon footprint associated with your timber purchase, look for renewable timber products, responsibly sourced from sustainable forests.

Clean with ease

As a young child explores their environment through creative play, they often make quite a mess. If you have carpeted flooring and porous plastic surfaces in your child's room, it doesn't take long before stains and blemishes appear that are difficult, if not impossible, to remove completely. Wood furniture and flooring is easy to keep clean- simply wipe it over with a microfibre cloth, or for stubborn dirt use an approved wood cleaning product. In this way, timber products make an ideal low maintenance furniture and flooring solution.

Ensure durability and strength

The sheer robustness of timber products makes it an ideal solution for a child's bedroom. Solid wood furniture and flooring will stand up to the boisterous exploration of childhood, and the wood grain will hide any little knocks or imperfections sustained during playtime. If your timber products do sustain injury, refinishing and restoration is a straightforward process that most handy homemakers can easily do themselves.

To discuss the renovation of your child's bedroom using timber products, contact your trusted local contractor for more information and professional advice.