Garbage disposal options to choose from when remodelling your house

If you're remodelling your house, one of the factors you need to keep in mind is where you put your waste. Demolition and remodelling creates a lot of debris that is just too much to trust your residential garbage disposal system with. This is why you need a waste disposal solution that can handle the large variety of materials that are created when remodelling a house. To choose the right type of solution for your particular needs, you need to know a little bit about the different options that are available for you.


Ordinary trash bags are usually not sufficient when dealing with large scale renovations. However, there are solutions with bags the size of dumpsters that you buy and then have a garbage disposal service take care of. These types of bags are sturdier than ordinary trash bags and can handle the weight of quite a lot of debris. However, you should avoid using this solution if the material you need to get rid of has sharp edges or are pointed. Even though the bags are sturdy, they can still break from being penetrated by sharp objects. If the bag were to break, this could lead to a truly dangerous situation when the garbage disposal service is lifting it up to get rid of it.

Garbage compactors

These types of garbage disposal systems shred all items that are being placed inside of them and pushed into easily manageable cubes, which means you'll fit a lot of waste in them. They are however quite expensive to hire, and even more so if something was to go wrong with the shredding process. You should avoid this option if you have a lot of hard materials, such as steel and iron, as it might slow down or damage the shredders in the compactor and potentially cause the entire machine to stand still.

Skip bins

Skip bins are sturdy containers that are placed on your property and then taken away by the skip bin hire firm when you've filled it. You can choose what size you want for your skip bin depending on how much debris you predict that your project is going to accumulate, which means you'll get a tailored solution for your project. Skip bin hire is also a good solution if you wish to have most of your waste recycled, as the material isn't being crushed or transported with commercial garbage disposal services, the skip bin hire firm can easily separate the material for recycling.

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