Factors to Consider When Getting a Quotation from Your Home Builder

Getting quotes from different new home builders is relatively easy. However, ensuring that they are accurate is where the task lies. This is why it is not uncommon to find potential homeowners setting a budget beforehand only to find that expenses keep crawling out of the woodwork during the construction period. Although a quotation from your chosen home builder is not legally binding, it does work toward ensuring you stick to a realistic budget. The more accurate your quotation for the construction, the less likely you will have misunderstandings regarding money down the road. Here are some factors to consider when getting a quotation from your home builder.

Consider the price of council approvals and building permits

When embarking on a home renovation, constructing an extension or building a house from the ground up, chances are you will require legal building permits from your local authority. Some potential homeowners make the mistake of assuming this is the responsibility of the home builders. Thus, they end up not factoring the cost of the approvals and permits into their overall budget. Before embarking on any construction on your property, enquire from the home builders what types of permits of approvals they may need. They should then give you an itemized list of the fees that you would be required to pay before construction begins.

Consider the price of site preparation

When it comes to construction, it is not simply about the home builders bringing in their equipment and labour and starting to erect a structure. Site preparation is prudent, and it could also involve some excavating of the land. The price of site preparation will vary depending on how much groundwork needs to be done. Enquire about the different processes that would need to be carried out before construction may begin. Factors such as the slope of your property, the condition of the soil, tree removal and more could significantly affect the cost of site preparation.

Consider the cost of inclusions

There are a myriad of seemingly little things that homeowners may overlook only to find they add up to an expensive budget. For instance, you may overlook the cost of fencing and find that high-end materials were used in constructing it. If you are constructing an extension in your home, additional wiring will need to be done to cater to the new space. Before your home builder embarks on any construction, ensure you have a list of inclusions such as the fittings, fixtures, heating, cooling and more.