Fitting Film To Your Windows

Frosted window film is perfect for giving you privacy in areas such as bathrooms and for preventing would-be thieves from checking-out what you have stored in your garage.  You can apply frosted window film yourself, but there is a knack to it.  Read on to find out how.

What you'll need

  • spray bottle
  • water
  • washing-up liquid
  • lint-free cloth
  • credit card
  • craft knife
  • pin
  • lighter

How to do it

  1. It's important that no bits of lint or grime are trapped beneath the film, as this will spoil the finish.  Before you apply the film, clean your windows.  Avoid using window cleaning sprays, as these can prevent the film from adhering properly to the glass; just use clean, soapy water.  
  2. Next, spray the window generously with a mild solution of water and washing-up liquid.  
  3. Place the frosted window film face down on a clean, flat surface.  Remove the backing paper.  To do this, pull the backing paper from one corner, so that it finishes up flat back on itself.  
  4. Now spray the surface of the film with the soap and water solution.  You can prevent the sticky film from adhering to your fingers while you handle it by spraying your hands too.  
  5. Take the frosted film and put it on the window, carefully sliding the film into the desired position.  It's important to keep the film smooth so that it doesn't crease, and you may need to spray more solution onto the window if necessary.  Push any excess film so that it overlaps the window frame; you can trim this off later.  
  6. When you've positioned the film as you want it, take a credit card wrapped in a lint-free cloth and use it to gently push any bubbles from underneath the film, working from the centre outwards.  
  7. Use a clean, dry cloth to wipe off any excess water.  
  8. If you need to trim any excess from the edges of the film, do so using your craft knife and credit card.  Position the craft knife blade between the edge of the window frame and the credit card.  Draw the knife down the film, using the credit card to push it flush against the frame, so that you end up with a clean finish.  
  9. If any tiny bubbles remain underneath the film, just use a pin to pop them, and then rub the surface of the film with a clean cloth to smooth it out.  
  10. Any little white crease marks that might be left on the film can be removed simply by running a lighter flame over the film and rubbing it flat using your finger.