How to Make a Mezzanine Floor Office Attractive to Clients

Are you worried about how your clients will react to an office that you have created above a warehouse storage area? Check out the tips below on how you can make that mezzanine floor office attractive to the clients that you will be meeting there. 

Add Walls and Windows

Some people may have a fear of heights. Such people will be painfully conscious of the ground below them when they are with you in the office created on a mezzanine floor. You can put the minds of such clients at ease by constructing a wall around the mezzanine floor. That wall will make the client feel less exposed to the floor below the mezzanine floor because the office space will be enclosed. Windows can also help to make the mezzanine floor more cosy and inviting to the clients who visit your mezzanine floor office. This is because the windows and walls may transform the mezzanine floor into a place that is no different (visually) from any other floor of a building.

Work on the Lighting

The proximity of the mezzanine floor to the ceiling may result in your office being darker unless you install plenty of artificial lighting. Install skylights in the roof if the mezzanine floor is on the top floor of the building. Those skylights will allow plenty of natural light to flood into your office on the mezzanine floor. The use of light colours (such as cream) will create the impression that the office is much larger than it is. This is because the walls will reflect most of the light that strikes them. Claustrophobic visitors to your office will feel at ease once that impression of expansiveness is created in your small office located on the mezzanine floor.

Pay Attention to the Access Method

The kind of access mode that you install on the mezzanine floor can make your visitors to feel at ease, or it can increase their apprehension as they move to your office. For example, some clients may be uneasy about using a cat ladder to climb to your office. Conversely, the same clients may be relaxed when moving to your office using a personnel lift.

As you can see, many techniques can be used to make an office located on a mezzanine floor in a warehouse welcoming to visitors. Discuss your specific needs with a mezzanine floor designer so that he or she can advise you about the most cost-effective ways to make your mezzanine floor office attractive to visitors.