Access Equipment Hire Checklist

For construction jobs, maintenance and repairs, theatre installations, and many other home activities that involve great heights, access equipment significantly reduces the complexity of the task. Many people undertaking such projects as managers or DIYers often have to go through the process of locating the correct access equipment hire partner, as well as the proper equipment. While factors such as price and availability may comprise the key considerations when selecting a partner, how do you go about settling on the proper access equipment? Remember, having the proper equipment is crucial. You should go to great lengths to ensure you don't have to deal with impromptu modifications or disappointing insufficiencies in the equipment you hire. Here are a few things to look at carefully before settling on your choice of equipment.


Maneuverability should be a key concern to individuals hiring equipment for multiple area jobs. Aerial maneuverability will especially play a key role in such jobs. Boom lifts come in two different models. The vertical boom lifts have very limited maneuverability once raised. On the other hand, the more sophisticated articulated boom lifts can be raised vertically, and then maneuvered horizontally to reach places either left or right.  If you had to perform a task on the roof of a high house that is recessed some feet back, the articulated boom lifts would be your ideal choice.

Scissor lifts and hydraulic platforms offer limited horizontal aerial maneuverability. They would, therefore, not be appropriate for tasks that have horizontal obstacles between access points. Telescopes, on the other hand, offer a degree of maneuverability because of the ability to rotate on the chassis. When seeking access equipment hire, consider your work site and pre-empt the degree of maneuverability that will be required to ease the task. This way, you will choose the most suitable equipment on your first try.

Personnel capacity

Besides the load capacity of the equipment, the number of personnel access equipment can hold should also be a consideration. This draws somewhat to the working space available on the equipment. If you want two or three personnel working at a high place, or you simply want additional space for holding tools and equipment, you may want to go with scissor lifts or some hydraulic platforms. Scissor lifts offer wider spaces and can pack two to three people at a time depending on the make and model.  If your job requires only one person reaching the high places, a simple man lift would be enough. Of course for home projects, ladders and simple scaffolds would be the most ideal. Whichever the case, always ensure that your chosen equipment can handle the number of people you intend to work on it.

There are many other considerations to make such as mobility, safety mechanisms, anchorage and base structure, and more. Go through all these carefully before settling on the access equipment. Visit a business like Paradise Tower Hire if you have questions.