Nursery Window Tinting: Will This Help Your Badly Sleeping Baby?

A newborn baby is a welcome addition to any home, but sleep patterns will become disrupted when caring for the needs of a newborn day and night. The comfort of the nursery is one key component when it comes to encouraging your newborn to learn great sleep patterns. Newborns are extremely sensitive to changes in both light and temperature, so one of the first places you can make a positive change is by having window tint installed on the nursery windows. There are two reasons why it could make a big difference in your baby's life.

Making The Bedroom Private

The natural rhythms of the body tell you that when it gets dark, it is time to sleep. This is all well and good at nighttime when you put your baby to bed, but what about during the day when the sun is high in the sky?

It is not feasible to put a thick tint on a bedroom window to completely block out the sun's rays. After all, the body does need light in order to survive. However, putting window tinting on the bedroom windows will have a twofold effect:

  1. It will make the room feel darker.
  2. It will make the bedroom more private, as it stops anyone passing the bedroom window from looking in and seeing the sleeping baby.

You will find this particularly useful if you live in an area where housing, such as units, are placed close together, and there is not a lot of privacy from your neighbours.

Safer Than Curtains

While you may be tempted to put curtains in the nursery to cut down heat and light coming in from outside, curtain cords have previously taken the lives of young children who have choked or strangled themselves on the cords.

Putting window tint up on the windows does not involve any drilling to put up curtain rails, nor does it leave cords or chains in the room that your children can get a hold of. While this may not be an immediate issue during the newborn stage, it is only a matter of months before you will find your baby standing up in their cot and reaching out to all items around them.

If you want to get your newborn to sleep well, you need to provide them with an environment that will make them want to do so. Window tinting can be put up in the space of a day, and it will help to create a restful environment for your bub. That means you should be seeing better sleeping results pretty soon after installation.