Special considerations when planning an outdoor wedding reception

When planning an outdoor wedding reception, you have many things to think about. Renting tents, finding a wedding band, and choosing a venue are just a few of the things you need to be on top of. However, to ensure a successful event, it's not enough just giving people a space to be on and something to do; you need to put some thought into the details. To make sure that your event is as good as it can possibly be there are a few things you should consider.


Nobody can predict the weather, but to make sure your event runs as smoothly as possible, you will have to try. Keep a close eye to the weather report the days before the event, and provide the guests with solutions for all kinds of weather. Find out where you can buy heat lamps or portable air conditioning. If you're worried about rain, you should look into where you can hire umbrellas in bulk. Have these companies on standby before the big day and ensure that you can have the things at your venue on short notice. Hiring these things too long beforehand can cause unnecessary costs for you.

Portaloo hire

You should look into hiring portable toilets for the reception you're planning. The people participating in the event will feel more comfortable, and it also means the reception can go on for longer. Portable toilet hire is available in many forms. You can opt for only a few single units for smaller events, or an entire toilet trailer for when you need to provide solutions for a lot of people. Make sure you get the portable toilets in place a few days before the reception, so that you can move them around for optimal placement where they don't catch the eye of people visiting the venue but are still accessible. Visit a portaloo hire company like Eagle Hire for more information.


If you haven't planned for all the guests to arrive at the same time, like if you have hired a party bus to transport the guests directly from the wedding, you also need to make sure your venue has space for parking. If your venue is located in an inner city area, you might be able to borrow parking spaces from surrounding buildings or venues. If your venue is in a more rural area, you need to make sure you have a space close to the venue prepared to be driven on. If it's a lawn or a piece of unused soil, you need to hire a tractor to pack it before cars can drive on it for it to not turn into mud.