Simple landscape enhancements to revitalize your property

Does the word "bland" typify your commercial property? Well, you can seek the services of a professional landscaping company to provide ideas which will add a new lease of life to your property. Note that curb appeal has a major influence on how potential clients regard your company. In this regard, as a property manager, you should invest into keeping up a professional image as far as your outdoor setting is concerned. If you're tight on budget, here are simple landscape enhancements that can be implemented by a professional landscaping company to enhance the curb appeal of your property.

Seasonal flower arrangements

This landscape enhancement is excellent for incorporating colours into small-sized areas where you cannot plant trees or shrubs. Additionally, the landscaping company can introduce planters at main entrances or doorways to incorporate colour to these areas for a warm welcome experience to your clients or tenants.

Open-air sitting areas

The landscaping professionals can design a small to expansive area for your tenants or clients to spend their free time or get some fresh air. A reduced budget could mean a straightforward picnic bench situated on a bed of unsoiled woodchips. An upgrade would be a paver courtyard featuring a low sitting wall. Moreover, the addition of flowers and trees to provide shade and colour would crown it all.


Many commercial properties have timeworn broken concrete walkways which are a trip threat to visitors. An important consideration would be to replace sections or full stretches of footpaths with pavers that could transform the industrial appearance of a lengthy stretch of concrete. Segments of pavers added in concrete footpaths can help clearly define main entrances, crosswalks, and other spaces of interest.

Planting beds

If you are not intending to refurbish the whole landscape but need to revitalize the curb appeal, planting beds are an important landscaping consideration. This may mean expanding or reshaping current beds or constructing new beds. Fresh flowers, plants, and mulch, as well as a crisp border to define the planting beds, will significantly add value to your outdoor setting. This type of landscape enhancement is suited for main entrances as well as around major signs to increase the high visibility sections of your property that give the first impressions to your clients.

If you wish to add curb appeal to your property and leave lasting impressions on your visitors, then you should talk to a landscaping company about implementing the above-mentioned landscaping enhancements.