When To Call a Commercial Electrician To Your Business, Even If You Have Electricity

Even if your business has electricity and you're not experiencing a brownout or blackouts of any sort, you might still want to call a commercial electrician for upgrades and wiring replacement. There are many reasons why it's good to have them look at your wiring, even if the electricity is still functioning in your building; note a few of these here so you know when it's good to call such a professional.

1. When you're spending too much money on electricity

It may be hard to judge the amount of money you're spending on electricity and know if it's more than you should, but this is why it's good to call a commercial electrician to your building. He or she can note if upgrading to different lighting that is more energy efficient or installing new wiring that better handles your building's demands for electricity might save you money. This can be especially useful in very large facilities where you have dozens and dozens of overhead fixtures that may be outdated and using far more power than they should. Call a commercial electrician for an energy audit in this case and note the cost savings they can offer you.

2. When you need a panel upgrade

 At home, regularly tripping the circuits can be an annoyance, but in a commercial setting, this can mean a slowdown if not a full stoppage of a production line or your business overall. Constantly tripping circuits also means that you're putting excessive wear and tear on your electrical appliances and devices, as their motors and other parts may need to work harder to switch back on after a stoppage. If your facility is always tripping circuits, if you notice rust running down the front of the circuit panel, or if lights flicker when certain devices go on, call a commercial electrician to check your facility's circuits and panel and have them upgraded as needed.

3. To have new data cabling installed

Commercial electricians can usually upgrade and install data cabling, which may be necessary depending on the internet and intranet demands of your company. If you've installed a new security system with closed circuit TVs, have upgraded the Wi-Fi reception, and have purchased new computer devices that run over the company's intranet or internet connections, you may need new data cabling. Just like electrical wires, data cables can only transfer so many signals at once and older cables may not be able to handle these new demands; a commercial electrician like Faraday Group can test and then install new cables as needed.