Selecting a Simple Commercial Stormwater Drainage System

If you have noticed drainage problems within your commercial property after heavy rains, you should consider installing a stormwater drainage system. This type of structure is designed to control the runoff water from the impervious surfaces in your land such as roadways, parking areas, sidewalks and roofs. In simple terms, the stormwater drainage will prevent flooding due to accumulation of water in these areas. This water can be directed to natural water bodies or into storage reservoirs. Here are the primary stormwater drainage systems to consider installing on your property.

Drainage Basins

The stormwater drainage basin is designed to mimic the natural drainage processes. Basically, the basin is built in an area that is lower in elevation than other parts of the property. Therefore, when snow melts or rain falls, the runoff water will flow towards the basin. The collected water will then be allowed to flow into rivers and streams. This drainage system is an ideal choice if there is such a water body in proximity. In addition, the stormwater must be free of significant contaminants that could cause imbalance in the aquatic ecosystem.

Retention Basin

The drainage basin is not often a practical solution for commercial properties. This is because the runoff collects pollutants such as oil residue from the roadways, litter, organic matter and other physical pollutants. Therefore, there are restrictions against allowing water to indiscriminately flow into rivers. The retention basin is an alternative that overcomes this detriment.

The design of the basin is the same: a man-made depression in the lowest part of the property. This feature will hold the runoff temporarily and allow the stormwater to seep through the soil and into a shallow aquifer. The soil structure will filter out the pollutants to avoid contaminating groundwater. Before selecting this design, consider the drainage capabilities of your soil and groundwater depth.

Stormwater Quality Chamber

If the water runoff in your property is contaminated with hazardous materials, you will require a more intricate stormwater drainage system. In simple terms, your stormwater must be treated if it contains significant oil quantities, chemicals like phosphorus and heavy metals. Basically, the water will be allowed to flow into a collection chamber where the water will be treated to remove contaminants. The clean water will be released or stored for future usage.

The right drainage system for your land should depend on numerous factors such as slope, government regulations and the quality of the water runoff. Therefore, consider hiring a drainage contractor to help identify the right match for your commercial property.