How Professional Electrical Preventive Maintenance Can Save You Money

There are situations when the DIY approach to electrical issues may make you to spend more money than if you had hired professionals to perform the task for you. This article discusses some ways through which the use of certified electricians to perform electrical preventive maintenance in your commercial building can save you money.

Checking the Integrity of Electrical Monitors

A layperson may assume that an electrical device is working normally just because the lights on the display monitor are blinking as usual. However, an unseen problem (such as a defective temperature sensor) could be preventing the display monitor from notifying you of a problem in the equipment. This can leave you oblivious to an escalating problem within sensitive equipment (such as an overheating backup generator). Only a professional can check the monitors and indicators to confirm that they are functioning properly. This can save your equipment from blowing up due to overheating (or any other fault).

Identifying Equipment Functioning Outside Specifications

Many electrical failures (such as blown elevator motors) are preceded by the equipment running hot or outside set specifications (such as excessive vibration). Some of these conditions may not be noticeable by a non-professional. Electrical contractors have the equipment (such as thermal imaging cameras and alignment testers) to identify which electrical equipment is operating outside the manufacturer's specifications. This early detection of the fault can prevent costly repairs before the electrical equipment breaks down.

Conducting Detailed Physical Inspections

Only electrical professionals may have the skills to identify the causes of unusual smells, sounds, discolouration and other physical defects. For example, a layperson may think that wiring insulation may melt because of overloading only. A professional will investigate other issues such as ambient temperature and the tightness of wiring connections. This detailed physical inspection can identify deep-rooted problems before they cause an electrical failure in your building.

Keeping Appropriate PM Records

Liability lawyers can sue you for everything you are worth if an electrical problem (such as a fire that injures building occupants) occurs and you do not have proper electrical maintenance records. An electrical contractor can save you from such criminal liability since he or she has the capacity to maintain detailed maintenance records that can be looked at to prove that you were not liable for the fire that broke out.

Avoid taking chances with the electrical system in your commercial building. Hire an electrical contractor to conduct regular PM so that you avoid the costly mistakes that DIY electrical work can cause.