Pipe Sprung A Leak? 4 Steps To Temporarily Fix A Leaking Bathroom Sink Pipe

Your bathroom sink is a vital feature for brushing teeth, shaving and washing hands. Over time, the sink pipe may spring a leak, which can cause severe water wastage. This trickling water can also make its way into wall crevices, affecting the structural integrity of your home. If your leak is small or large, you can undertake a temporary fix until professional plumbers arrive to solve the problem. These steps will help you in your quest to fix a leaking bathroom sink pipe.

Establish The Exact Source Of The Leak and Shut Off The Water Valve

If you cannot pinpoint the exact source of the leak, you will need to run the water until you locate the specific leak area. Once you locate the leak, shut off the water valve to undertake your temporary repair job before the plumbers arrive. Shutting off the water valve will prevent any water from passing through the pipe as you apply epoxy putty to it. Wipe all remaining water on the outside of the pipe. Make sure all trapped water is removed from the pipes and let them dry for a few hours before any repair work.

Assemble Your Materials

This easy, temporary do-it-yourself task requires epoxy putty, medium-grit sandpaper and a clean rag. Epoxy putty is a type of malleable paste that tends to harden after application and is commonly used for many sealing jobs. Epoxy putty and sandpaper are easily available at most home improvement stores.

Rub The Hole To Remove Rust

Use some medium-grit sandpaper to remove all rust, mould and other debris located at the surface of the leaking area. This process smoothens the surface and prepares it for the epoxy putty application. Use a clean rag to wipe away residue from the recently sanded area.

Apply The Epoxy Putty

Follow the manufacturer's instructions and remove the epoxy putty paste from its tube. The quantity will depend on the size of the hole in your pipe. Twist this putty between your hands. This method will prepare it for hardening against any damaged surface. Apply the epoxy putty to the leaking area and push it gently into the hole to cover it entirely. The putty will start to harden immediately and should be completely dry in a few hours. Turn the water back on to check that the leak is repaired.

While these steps are designed to help you temporarily fix small or large pipe leaks from your bathroom sink, keep in mind that professional plumbers will find a more permanent solution to your leaking problem by assessing whether the pipe needs repair or replacement.