Pipe Sprung A Leak? 4 Steps To Temporarily Fix A Leaking Bathroom Sink Pipe

Your bathroom sink is a vital feature for brushing teeth, shaving and washing hands. Over time, the sink pipe may spring a leak, which can cause severe water wastage. This trickling water can also make its way into wall crevices, affecting the structural integrity of your home. If your leak is small or large, you can undertake a temporary fix until professional plumbers arrive to solve the problem. These steps will help you in your quest to fix a leaking bathroom sink pipe. Read More 

Possible Leak: Five Essential Tips for Finding a Plumbing Leak in Your Home

If your water bill is unusually high or if you have just turned on the water in your home after having it off for an extended time period, you may want to check for a water leak. Failing to find a plumbing leak can result in massive water damage that may even lead to structural issues in your home. Luckily, however, detecting a leak is easy. 1. Read the Water Meter Read More