How to Use Skylights to Transform a Converted Attic Space

If you have converted your attic into usable space, such as an additional bedroom, you'll want to ensure that it is a comfortable place to be. While you may have taken care of insulation matters before you actually converted the area into a bedroom, you may want to add some helpful features. After all, these can help you deal with any heat buildup and add some light to the bargain. In this case, you should definitely think about installing a skylight, with some specific and very important features. What should you be looking at?

Choosing Skylights for Your Attic Space

In the typical attic, you may not have access to a lot of outside natural light. In this situation, there might not be a lot of room along the walls due to the sloping roof and the property's general design. Skylights would be the perfect solution, and there are many different options to choose from. Many homeowners are looking at "smart" skylights that, in addition to the obvious benefits, can often operate themselves.

Cutting-Edge Automation

Some new skylight designs have a built-in rain sensor. This will either feature a device that can sense the presence of moisture or convert the sound of raindrops into an electrical signal. Either way, the skylight will automatically close when it starts to rain so that you don't need to worry about flooding risks.

Likewise, the skylight can open as needed if the temperature within the attic space rises to a certain point. You can pre-programme the device according to your parameters, but this is another way to ensure that the attic space is as liveable as possible.

Skylight Placement

Before you think about automation, work out where you are going to place the skylight. You may not automatically want to position it on a north-facing roof just because it's likely to get more sun at this point. It may be more advantageous to place it in an area where it gets sunlight for part of the day but not at others. This may help you to achieve your main goal without turning the space into an oven in the middle of the summer.

Other Considerations

Also, ensure that you get laminated skylights in case of large hailstones or falling tree limbs. You need to ensure that each skylight is professionally fitted, so there is never a risk of leakage around the edges.

Choosing Your Skylight

With careful thought and proper planning, you can use a skylight to transform your living space. Always work with experts who will help you choose the right product and install it carefully as well.

For more information, contact a skylight window installation service in your area.