4 Benefits of Using Solid Wood Front Doors

The front door isn't something that people tend to think about as much as they should, but it's one of the most important parts of a property. After all, the front door is the first thing that people see when they visit your home, and it's also vital for security and insulation, so choosing the right material is crucial.

With that in mind, here are just four reasons why you should opt for wood.

1. Security

Firstly, wood makes a very secure choice. Since wood is very strong, it is very hard for an intruder to break down. Other options, such as PVC can be bent out of their frames fairly easily. Wooden doors also tend to be quite thick; as well as enhancing their ability to keep your home secure, that thickness means that larger locks and deadbolts can be fitted.

2. Style

Wood boasts a timeless sense of style that other materials really cannot live up to. Even composite doors, which aim to replicate the appearance of solid timber, can easily be told apart from the real thing. Since the front door is often the front impression, few options are better than wood. Better yet, you can choose different timber species and staining options to create a front door that looks exactly how you'd like it to. You also have the freedom to paint it in any colour you fancy.

3. Durability

Solid wood doors will require some treatment in order to prevent moisture problems, but this will only need to be done about once a year. In all other ways, wood is incredibly durable. It won't dent like metal will, and it will put up with bumps and knocks better than PVC. Unlike other front door materials, including the relatively tough composite, any small imperfections will quickly fade into the wood and give the door even more character. If any deeper scratches or stains do occur, you can always just sand down the door and then re-treat it to have things looking as good as new.

4. Insulation

Wooden doors will usually be made from a hardwood species. The wood taken from these trees will boast a tight, dense grain structure. Coupled with the thickness of wooden doors, this makes them extremely good at insulating your home. Heat will have a very hard time escaping through a wooden front door, as will sound, so they're great if you want to keep down your energy bills or if you live next to a busy road.

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