5 Benefits of Converting the Loft in Your Newly Built Home

Anyone investing the time, money, and effort needed to build a new house will want to make sure that they end up with the ideal final result. It often makes sense to build your home with a fully-converted loft instead of leaving it as normal. Here are just five reasons why.

1. Increased Value

Most people who are building a new home for themselves are doing so in order to create one that is perfect to meet their needs, but it's rare to find people who aren't also looking to be able to make some money in the long run. Since this is often a goal, adding a loft conversion at the time of construction makes sense—having that extra room to show future buyers will certainly increase the home's value.

2. Room to Grow

If you have children, or are thinking of having them, then a converted loft can be a godsend. Kids never enjoy sharing bedrooms with each other, so having an extra room is ideal. You don't want to have to move out of your home purely because you've outgrown it. Additionally, a loft room makes an ideal spot for a game room when your kids turn into teenagers and want a little of their own space.

3. Steals No Outside Space

There are other ways to extend your home, such as adding a conservatory or extending one room outwards. Unfortunately, you won't be creating space as much as you will be reallocating it. After all, it's impossible to extend at ground level without eating into your outside space. That might not be an issue if you have a large garden, but it simply makes more sense to utilise all of the space under your roof.

4. Well-Lit Sanctuary

Sometimes an extra room will become necessary, but in the meantime you can always use your loft conversion as your own little space. If you work from home, this can be a great place for an office, but you can also just throw an armchair or two inside and use it as a reading room. Light will come in from above, so the loft room will always be filled with natural light.

5. The Perfect Time

Building a new home is never going to be inexpensive, so you might balk at the added cost of a loft room. However, this really is the best time to get that room taken care of. You'll already have engaged all the workmen, and they'll be able to finish the job while you're living elsewhere. That means you won't need to suffer through the inconvenience of extra work once the house has been built and you're already living in it.

If you're thinking of adding a converted loft during the building process, try talking to your home builder. They'll be able to offer advice, provide a quote, and get you on the right track.