Choosing Plywood for Your Home Construction Project

When building your new home or performing refurbishments, you should consider incorporating plywood into the structure. This composite material is ideal for building internal panelling, doors, exterior cladding and flooring. Plywood has high dimensional stability and consequently, the panels are very strong. This can be attributed to the alternating placement of the veneers that are glued together to form the plywood. In simple terms, the wood grain in every ply is always perpendicular to the adjacent one, preventing easy distortion. Read More 

The Do’s and Don’ts of Removal of Asbestos-containing Flooring Materials for Homeowners

If you live in a home constructed before 1980, there is a likelihood that your home could contain asbestos in your floor backing, sheet flooring or floor tiles and other parts of the home. It is recommended that you treat these materials as presumed asbestos-containing materials (PACM) until they are confirmed otherwise through specific testing procedures by qualified contractors. Asbestos removal must only be done as a last resort, since the removal process poses the highest risk for release of asbestos fibres. Read More 

Selecting a Simple Commercial Stormwater Drainage System

If you have noticed drainage problems within your commercial property after heavy rains, you should consider installing a stormwater drainage system. This type of structure is designed to control the runoff water from the impervious surfaces in your land such as roadways, parking areas, sidewalks and roofs. In simple terms, the stormwater drainage will prevent flooding due to accumulation of water in these areas. This water can be directed to natural water bodies or into storage reservoirs. Read More 

How Professional Electrical Preventive Maintenance Can Save You Money

There are situations when the DIY approach to electrical issues may make you to spend more money than if you had hired professionals to perform the task for you. This article discusses some ways through which the use of certified electricians to perform electrical preventive maintenance in your commercial building can save you money. Checking the Integrity of Electrical Monitors A layperson may assume that an electrical device is working normally just because the lights on the display monitor are blinking as usual. Read More 

Emergency Response Procedure in the Event of a Natural Gas Leak

There are a lot of ways to detect that there is a natural gas leak in your home but the most common sign is the distinctive rotten-egg smell of natural gas. When most people enter their houses and smell a gas leak, they often get into panic mode because of not knowing how to handle the situation. As a result, they end up acting wrongly and inefficiently as regards responding to the emergency they are faced with. Read More