Opt For Timber Wall Frames When Constructing a New Home

When constructing a new home, one of the main aspects that you would have to think about is the materials that you will use. Your choice of material will not only affect the durability of the structure you erect but will also play a significant role in your construction expenditure. Here are some of the reasons why you should contemplate using timber wall frames when erecting a new residence.

Timber wall frames provide you with flexible design options

Unlike most other materials, timber is quite limber. This means your building contractors can shape the timber into whatever form you would like. For instance, brick would limit your design options as they can only be formed into rigid, block structures. Timber on the other hand can be bent to enable you to come up with unconventional designs that would make your residence unique. Additionally, with timber wall frames, you have the added flexibility of leaving the wood beams exposed. This can add a touch of traditional design to an otherwise modern structure.

Timber wall frames are time effective

When it comes to construction work, your choice of materials could also affect the amount of time it takes for your structure to be complete. For instance, working with stone bricks will take a significant amount of time since these materials are heavy. As such, more labour is required when using them in construction. In addition to this, stone and brick materials are classified as wet construction. This is because they make use of plaster and mortar, which needs time to set before construction can continue. With timber wall frames, you do not have to worry about your construction taking longer than necessary. The frames do not require to set, as they are ready to use. Moreover, timber is lightweight when compared to stone, which means it will not require as much labour to handle.

Another way that timber wall frames are time effective is that they can be used for construction no matter the prevailing weather conditions. Materials used in wet construction cannot be used during winter weather as the low temperatures may cause their wet elements to freeze. Consistent contraction and expansion of your building materials caused by freezing and thawing slows down the construction process. It also compromises the structural integrity of the structure via warping. Timber wall frames, on the other hand, can be erected regardless of the weather, making it a popular choice in colder climates.